London Bees is pleased to announced Dan McKimm’s coaching team ahead of the 2024/25 season.

Gavin Murphy and Tymur Abramyan have been appointed as assistant head coach with Michelle Beazley and James McKimm joining as Goalkeeper Coaches.

Emmanuel Osmond will join the Club in the role of Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach.

The Club has also appointed Kate Chesser as Head of Mental Performance and Georgia Ridgeway as Lead Nutritionist.

Ali Jaweed will also be joining the Club as Assistant Physiotherapist.

Dan McKimm spoke to us after the appointment of his new team and said “As I’ve spoken about previously, Bees is a club with huge potential so putting together the right team of staff has been a massive priority for me to ensure that we maximise this capacity. One of the biggest drivers behind why I coach has always been to provide the best, most supportive environment I can to the players I’m lucky enough to work with, so to bring together this exceptional group of people to provide this environment is something I’m really pleased with. I really can’t stress how good each of these guys are at their jobs.

“I’m a big believer in you’re only as strong as the support and people you have around you, so I take great confidence in knowing I’ve got some of the best in the business right alongside me leading the way. Having all worked together previously too, for many years in some cases, I have complete trust and faith in each and every one of them, and we have a slick operating rhythm which has allowed us to hit the ground running already.”

Newly appointed Goalkeeper Coach James Mckimm added “I’m delighted to be joining Bees.

“It’s a Club with such a rich history in the game, and I’m really excited to be given the opportunity to help be part of that history, and a successful future.”

Head of Mental Performance Kate Chesser commented “I’m really excited to be taking on the role as Head of Mental Performance with London Bees this season.

“It’s such a great Club so I’m really looking forward to the season starting and seeing how far we can go!

Backroom Staff
Head Coach: Dan McKimm
Assistant Head Coach: Gavin Murphy
Assistant Head Coach: Tymur Abramyan
Goalkeeper Coach: Michelle Beazley
Goalkeeper Coach: James McKimm
Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach: Emmanuel Osmond
Head of Mental Performance: Kate Chesser
Lead Nutritionist: Georgia Ridgeway
Lead Physiotherapist: Dusan Panic
Assistant Physiotherapist: Ali Jaweed