An exceptional amount of hard work has been put in over the previous months to restore the playing surface at The Hive London ahead of the upcoming season.

First of all, we, of course, apologise to our supporters for the inconvenience last season’s postponements caused and we have worked tirelessly since play was halted to ensure no such issues arise in the 2020/21 campaign.

Since March in partnership with the head of Playing Surfaces and Estates from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, we have worked throughout the summer to completely reconstruct and resurface The Hive London pitch.

The current surface was first dug up and the “black layer” underneath completely removed. This black layer is a build-up of fertiliser, water and other materials, this build-up from previous season’s ultimately effected the drainage which in turn caused the pitch to be unplayable at times throughout the significant rainfall we faced last season.

Rest assured this is completely gone and we started from scratch to ensure no such issues arise again this season. The water table was investigated and is at a good level, thus it will not cause any problems going forward.

Once that was taken away the pitch was verti-drained allowing for any excess water to escape. Tonnes of sand was then levelled out on the surface before seeding took place, as well as the surface being fertilised, as the development of the pitch took shape.

Then in a long process, the pitch is heavily watered allowing for the seeds to develop into grass so the pitch takes it a natural look before it underwent it’s first cut.

See below a collage of photo’s that were taken throughout the reconstruction of the pitch. 

The grass is now being cut on an almost daily basis to keep it in pristine condition throughout the summer before the new season kicks off at The Hive London.

Our groundsman has highlighted that this significant reconstruction, means that the pitch is in a great position to cope with the various matches that take place at our home. This investment into our playing surface ensures that our supporters will see the quality of surface that they have been used to in previous seasons.

We cannot wait to have our supporters back at The Hive London to watch the Bees in action in the 2020/21 campaign.

See below the most recent picture of the pitch taken on Friday 31st July.

IMG_6588 2.jpg