Sian, it is quite a quick turnaround from Sunday’s game, but I am sure you are looking forward to a match under the lights at home?
“Yes definitely. We are really excited to get ourselves back home for another game, particularly as we are on a nice run at the minute.
“Playing under the lights always add a special atmosphere to matches as well.”
What will we be bringing into this one from the last two fixtures, as we have secured back-to-back away wins?
“The defensive display we showed against Crawley was very important, and then we showed our attacking quality against Chichester.
“I think if we can combine the two and carry that into the next game, we could be in a good position to get another three points, which is very much needed for us.
“We are hoping we can carry on the run of form and hopefully secure the three points.”
Do you think the winning start to the year is going to give the players some confidence heading into this one?
“Yes, we hope so. I have mentioned that when we reviewed the next half of the season, we noted January as an important month for us.
“We needed to go and pick up points and the players have been fantastic across the last two games. The next two matches are just as important for us.
“If we can get over those hurdles and secure a few more points, I think we will be in a comfortable position to really head into the end of the season strongly.”
We won against Hounslow earlier in the season, but the squads changed quite a lot since then, so how do you think that is going to impact us?
“It was a really tight game last time. Hounslow defended very resolutely and we are expecting similar work from them on Wednesday.
“We have definitely added quality into the squad and I am excited to see what they can do against Hounslow this time around.
“It would be massive for us to really take our opportunities when we get them and show a little bit of our quality when we do go forward.”
We showed how we can win in two different types of performances in the last two matches, with a 5-0 and a 2-1 win. How pleasing is it that we have the quality and confidence to do that?
“I think its huge to have those pretty wins against Chichester, where we dominated possession, created lots of opportunities and scored lots of goals.
“They are obviously great days to have. But it is just as important to go and get those ugly wins, like we did against Crawley on Sunday.
“We have reviewed the Crawley match back and we really did limit their opportunities in the box, forcing them to take ambitious shots around the area.
“I am hoping that gives them the confidence that when we go ahead, we can hold on to those leads. We have got resilience and we have worked on that during training and in the classroom.
“The players have been massively receptive to it all, so huge credit to them that they are able to show a range of performances and do what was needed to be done on Sunday to get the three points.”
Just how important is the rest and recovery process, giving how busy our schedule is now?
“A few players were a bit battered and bruised after the last game, but we are definitely looking at what we can do with them ahead of the match.
“It is going to be a lighter session to get them ready and prepared in the best way that we can.”
Given how the quick succession of matches, what are we looking like on the injury front?
“There were some heavy hits at the weekend and we are hoping that they are not too serious.
“We are hoping we should have Danielle Puddefoot back in contention for the game as well as a few others.”