Sian, there has been a big gap since our last fixture. How have we used that time to prepare for Ipswich Town away on Sunday?

“It has given us a good opportunity to work towards the fixture and it has meant we have been able to put some things in place, both in and out of possession.

“We have had a few players with injuries and illnesses that are now looking to return – so we should be in a stronger position.”

How important is it that everyone remains focused given that we only have two games to go?

“The players have been fantastic in keeping focused and have really bought into what we have aimed to do.

“We want to pick up a minimum of three points over the next two games, but most importantly we want to perform well.

“We have spoken about how we want to build for next season and be as competitive as possible.

“Our recent performances have been good and we have competed with some strong teams. 

“We are hopeful that we can continue that resilience and level of performance in the final two fixtures.”

Ipswich have not been at their best in recent weeks, could this be an opportunity for us to pick up three points against a side fighting for promotion?

“Ipswich have been great all year and their league position demonstrates that.

“We know they will be a tough side and there is no denying the quality that they have all over the pitch.

“We will be looking to take the game to them and perform at the standard we have in our last two matches.”

We have had a few youngsters training within the first-team squad recently. How have they got on and what is the importance of bringing through the next generation of players?

“It is something that we wanted to do before the end of the season. 

“It has been great to give the youngsters an opportunity to be in and around the training environment and also within the squad.

“The two players who made their debut against Bridgwater were fantastic and you cannot take anything away from them. 

“They performed really well and with a level of maturity that you would not necessarily expect from a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old.

“They have been fantastic since coming in and we are excited to see what more we can get out of them.”

Lauren Heria has been given the captain’s armband following Flo Gamby’s foreign departure. Can you talk us through your decision to give Lauren the role?

“We have our leadership group within the squad and both Lauren Heria and Courtnay Ward-Chambers are our vice captains.

“I think the way that Lauren has grown this year has been fantastic and she deserves the opportunity she has got..

“There has been a real transformation in terms of her confidence within herself and her technical ability. 

“The relationship that she has built with staff and players has been impressive to see too.

“It was an obvious choice for us because not only does she perform well, she has been an important player for us in everything that we have done.

“She conducts herself well on and off the pitch, and is exactly the example we want the other players in the team to see.”