Sian, it was a tough game here in Cardiff today. How do you reflect back on the match?

“It was a very tough game. Cardiff played very well today and caused us lots of problems going forwards. 

“We made a couple of individual errors which led to goals and opportunities for them. There are areas we know we need to improve for next week.”

What positives did you see that you can take from the performance?

“It was pleasing to see Flo Gamby getting her first goal of the season and we had some periods of really nice play, particularly going forwards. 

“From my perspective we did not seem to quite settle into the game and gain possession like we normally would. I felt that we did not play the game we normally can. We got dragged into a battle that we lost today. 

“I am not taking anything away from Cardiff because they were very good throughout the match.”

There was a period of heavy pressure that the team managed to defend quite well. That must be pleasing to see that we have that to build on moving forwards?

“We have a very resolute and resilient group. It has been a bumpy ride already after only five games in.

“It has been a tough pre-season with a real short turnaround, so we are still learning and getting to know each other every week.

“We are still learning as a team, no matter the result and we will continue to pick up points.”

It was a long trip to Wales today – do you think that had an impact on the team?

“It is always massively difficult to travel and is something the team and the staff have recognised that we need to affect it in terms of how we prepare.

“We tried to do our best today, but it is probably one of the longest trips this season. It is difficult but at the end of the day we still need to go out and do our jobs and perform.”

Flo Gamby scored her first of the season and it was a fantastic strike wasn’t it?

“Yeah it is fantastic to have Flo back after a couple of games where she has been unavailable. 

“We know the quality she brings into the team and I think we will see more like that from Flo.

“I am so pleased she has managed to get herself onto the scoreboard and hopefully she will add a few more as the season progresses.”

Finally, looking forwards we have got a cup tie against Ipswich Town who are currently joint table-toppers. How are you feeling looking ahead to that?

“We know Ipswich are a fantastic side with some really good talent. A few players we know well in Bonnie Horwood and Sarah Quantrill.

“It will be great to see them, and we know it is going to be a tough test. Being in the cup gives us a chance to rotate and try a few new things out. 

“It is a good platform for some of these girls to really push on, so I am really excited. “