Read how Bees boss Sian Osmond looked back on this afternoon’s stalemate with Chichester and Selsey FC…

Sian, a 1-1 draw against Chichester and Selsey, how do you reflect back on this afternoon’s events?

“It was a tough game and we knew going into the match that Chichester are a good side. They have been together for a while and are a well-established team within the league. They came and gave us a really good game today.

“I think within the first half we dominated the ball a lot more than we did in the second, but we were lucky enough that we were able to generate the opportunity to score the goal and equalise.

“They held us back for long periods and it was tough, but the girls have done fantastically well to defend as resolutely, as they did and get us the result.”

Using the cliché, ‘it was a game of two halves’.  Both sides battled hard but do you think a draw was a fair result in the end?

“I would say so. Without trying to use clichés, it was a game of two halves. Oddly, we dominated the first but conceded just before half-time. In the second-half, I thought that they dominated us, but then we scored. It was an odd one.”

The unbeaten run extends to three games now. It must be nice to be able to build up some momentum going into the next few fixtures?

“Definitely. We knew that these first four or five games were going to be massively important to pick up some points and we have definitely done that.

“It hopefully gives us a platform to push on into the next round of fixtures. We have played against some tough opposition that are well established within the league, and we just need to make sure that we keep learning and working to improve as a team.”

Lauren Heria levelled the scoring with a fantastic strike today. What did you make of it?

“It was off the back of some really tidy play from us where we combined nicely around the box. I think she caught the ‘keeper off guard and then it hit the top bins. All credit to her, it was a great finish!”

Courtnay Ward-Chambers played a full match for the first time in a long while today. You must be pleased with that? 

“It has been a really long journey from Courtnay and she has been so resilient to everything that has been thrown her way. I am just fantastically pleased that she is back properly and fully now so that we can now use her for the full 90 minutes.

“She has been fantastic for us since she has come back and a real bundle of energy that has caused opposing defences a lot of trouble.”

We defended well again for large parts of the match, as we have done previously. How pleased are you with that?

“It was tough because they are very well organised, particularly from set pieces where they definitely caused us lots of issues today. 

“The girls have done fantastically well – particularly as we are not one of the tallest sides. They have been really resolute and done pretty well today.”

Onto a long trip away to Cardiff next Sunday, what are you expecting from that one?

“I think it is going to be another similar game because they are well established within the league. They are a good side with good players and we know it is going to be another tough battle. 

“Our biggest thing is that we make sure we recover, it has been a tough slog with three games in seven days.

“It has been really tough on all the girls. You could see the fatigue levels towards the end of the game today, so we just need to make sure we recover in the build up to the next big game.”