Read what the Bees’ boss had to say about today’s defeat at Keynsham Town…

An opening day defeat here at Keynsham Town. How do you reflect back on this afternoon’s match?


“It is a tough result and something that we are massively disappointed at. You still can not take anything away from Keynsham. They created two opportunities in the first-half and finished them, which you have you give credit to them for.


“From our point of view, today has introduced us to the competitive nature of this league and has given us an opportunity to see what it is about and the physicality that is going to be required this season.


“We have a group of young players here that have experienced their first step into senior football today. The technical ability is here and fantastic, however we have just got to put in a fight as well.”

There were two quick-fire goals in the first-half. How do you think they could have been avoided?

“There are some bits and pieces that we would like to tidy up defensively. After conceding two goals in succession, it is definitely something that needs to be looked at.


“Pre-season has been full of ups and downs. With the huge turn around of players that we have had, I think it has been a learning journey for them and today I think it is another one of those days.

“We will take the positives from today, especially in the second-half, and we will learn from it.”

Despite going 2-0 down before the half-time break, the girls kept their heads up and continued to play with fight and determination. That must be pleasing to see from a manager’s point of view?

“In the second-half, they showed resilience and they did not let the disappointment creep into their game. They cracked on and got on with it, which is all you can ask for.

“I thought we performed better during the second period. We grew into the game and got to understand a bit more about what the opposition were offering and I think we dealt with it better.”

Finally, there were fans back in the stadium today. How good was that to see?

“It was fantastic! I could not believe that we had a few supporters travel over from London given how far it is to travel here. It was great to see them and the girls went over to appreciate them. It was a nice feeling to see them once again supporting the team.”

The Bees will next be in action next Sunday at The Hive London when they take on Keynsham Town in the reverse fixture.