Sian, a 1-0 defeat to Ipswich Town Women at the Goldstar ground today. How do you feel today went?


“I am obviously disappointed to be out of the cup because it is always great to have another competition to be in.

“I think the girls put in an outstanding version of themselves onto the pitch today. Defensively we were tested, and we were resolute against a very good Ipswich side.”


We went toe-to-toe against a really tough side which must have been pleasing to see?


“We had plenty of opportunities and hit the bar to almost equalise in the second half. 

“We also had some really good passages of play which was great to see even with some of our key players being out injured.”


Flo Gamby had a header tipped onto the bar in the second half. How big of an impact do you think that save was on the momentum of the game?


“If we had got back into the game, it is possible things would have opened up a bit more.

“Ipswich would have pushed at us a bit more in the second half which could have opened up opportunities for us.

“It is frustrating because the girls deserved a reward for the hard work they put in throughout the match.”


It must have been nice to have a few of the players with less minutes have an opportunity out there?


“It definitely is. We said in the beginning of the week that we would look at how we were going to rotate for the cup game.

“We have not got a huge squad and all the girls have been working fantastically, so it has been nice to be able to look at some of the other players in the squad.”


Faye Hazelton was a real standout performer today which must give her a huge confidence boost?


“I hope so because Faye is a very talented young goalkeeper and I’m really pleased we have been able to give her the opportunity this year to get some more game time.

“She has been fantastic today, as she has since the start of the season. 

“I am really pleased to see her grow in confidence and feel comfortable in the shirt she is in because she has really earned it.”


Over 300 people were here today which is an impressive crowd for this level.  That must be pleasing to see for the women’s side of the game?


“Of course it is. Ipswich have been progressing really well. 

“They had some youth football teams in to watch the game today and it was wonderful to have that bit of noise from behind us.

“It was fantastic and I hope we can continue to grow our attendance as well because it always makes a difference when you have got your fans behind you.”


Looking ahead to the next game against Crawley Wasps, what are you expecting from it?


“It is going to be another tough side because they are experienced within the league and have some real high-quality players in their side.

“We will be coming up against a few familiar faces again on their side so we know it is going to be tough.

“They are a physical side that will bring the game to us. We are prepared for it and hopefully have a couple more girls close to fitness.

“If we can take the strong base from today into next week and beyond, we’ll be in a strong position.”