Sian, a first defeat of the year.  What are your initial thoughts on this afternoon’s match?


“We are really disappointed to not follow up our recent wins with a positive result today.


“We knew we were coming up against a really tough side in Gillingham, but are frustrated not to come away with anything.


“I felt that we dominated the game for large periods but they definitely took their opportunities and chances when they were given them.”


We did not make it easy for them and the players continued to fight to the end which you must be pleased by? 


“Yes I am, particularly off the back of a three-game week, they all put in a good shift.


“We have been monitoring their work rate and they have been fantastic with it. A lot of credit goes to them to keep pushing until the final whistle.


“It is just a shame we have not been able to come out with a result with the hard work they put in today.”


There was an early chance in the game where the ball looked to have crossed the line and there was a penalty shout soon after that. Sometimes it happens in football but how would it have potentially changed the final outcome to go into the break at 1-1?


“Hindsight is a wonderful thing but yes, it is disappointing that calls were not made. 


“If we went in equal at half-time, I think we could have potentially got ourselves in front.”


Dan Carlton has signed for the Bees this weekend. She has just come through a nasty injury but are you hoping to have her in the team soon?


“Yes, we are hoping to have her available next month. 


“She has been fantastic since coming in and is really great around the group.


“Dan definitely brings leadership qualities and experience into the ground which is what we want to continue adding to the group.


“I think we are in a really good place now and I am glad to have her signed.”


We have just come through a busy period with three games in eight days. How important is it that we now have more time to prepare for our next match?


“Yes I think it has been a phenomenal effort from players and staff over this time period. 


“It is really tough as part-time players and staff to put in the effort to prepare given the amount of time we have had.


“The analysts have been working tirelessly to get reports done for every game, as well as the training preparation from the coaching staff.


“They have been absolutely amazing in this time period but it is a shame we did not finish it off like we hoped.”


We are back at The Hive London next weekend. How much are you looking forward to being back there?


“Yes, it is always nice to be at home on familiar turf for us with our supporters.


“We are looking forward to the next challenge of games.”