Sian, you spoke about the importance of building on the positives from Southampton, but how can we ensure that happens this Sunday?

“The performance against Southampton was good and we did control the play well as the game went on.

“We grew in confidence and were really competitive against a top side which was great to see.

“If we bring those positives into the game against Bridgwater, we will have the opportunity to get three points. 

“The players have been good this week during training and have tried to apply themselves well to what we are asking.”

 Despite losing, it must be a confidence boost for the players to go toe-to-toe with one of the best sides in the league?

 “It probably said more that we were so disappointed walking away without a point considering they are title contenders. 

“It brought a positive energy within the group, particularly following a couple of disappointing results.

“The players had the weekend off which has given them the opportunity to refresh.

“The build-up to this weekend has been important so that we can get ourselves organised and ready for Bridgwater.”

How has the preparation been for this Sunday?

“It has been good because the staff and the players have been working really hard during the week.

“The last few fixtures for us are all against tough sides, so we know that the preparation is key if we want to get anything from the games.”

What is the mentality of the players like at the moment as we have not got many games to go and not too much to play for?

“We said as a group that we are still not safe mathematically. 

“We know we need and want to have more points on the board. 

“We have said the whole way through this journey that we are building and we are growing something. 

“The whole team is focused on these next three games and would like it to benefit us for next year.

“We are hoping we can give ourselves the opportunity to do that through some good performances over the next few games.”

We suffered defeat against Bridgwater last time out. What are you expecting this time around?

“We are expecting a tough game and their league position highlights that they are a very good outfit.

“They are tough to break down and we have seen that from their defensive performances throughout the year.

“We struggled to create much against them last time and they caused us problems on the counter. 

“We want to see the same level of performance that we did against Southampton on Wednesday night.

“If we do that, we are in good contention to get points from the game.”

How important is the opening spell going to be in a game like this as it took us a while to get going against Southampton?

“I think it is unfortunately something that we struggle with as a group.

“We saw in the Southampton game that the first 15 minutes gave us a mountain to climb for the rest of the match.

“We have so many fantastic attacking players that can work wonders for us, so it is important that we can show our quality too.

“We know that we need to keep ourselves in the game rather than give ourselves something to chase.”

How do you feel the long trip to Bridgwater will affect things?

“Travel is always difficult but it is something everyone in the league has to do.

“The players know what is expected from them and they understand how they travel best. 

“We will get ourselves down there in good time but it is something we are used to at this point in the season.”