Sian, how is the squad looking ahead of Sunday’s game, given that we played on Wednesday night?

“We got through Wednesday’s game well, which is the main thing ahead of another big game this Sunday.

“We are in a good place in terms of training and preparation leading up to the match.”

How do we take the momentum forward as we have been on a roll over the last few games?

“We had a lot of attacking third entries against Hounslow and took our chances when they came our way.

“Overall, it was a fantastic night for us due to the amount of possession we had on the ball and the general management of the game. 

“It is important to take the positives from each game and bring it into the next performance.

“We are very aware of the things we need to continue improving on though.

“The group have been raring to go and are happy to take on the information that we are giving them.”

We beat Gillingham earlier in the season and I am sure we will be going in with the same confidence that we can do it again?

“It is going to be another really tough game this Sunday but we are ready for the challenge.

“They are just above us in the league and are there for a reason because they are a great side.

“We got three points against them last time, but we are under no illusions that we have to be at our best to get a good result.

“Gillingham have also come off the back of a positive result against Ipswich Town in the week.

What has the atmosphere been like considering we have started the year so strongly?

“Everyone is buzzing to have had three results on the bounce and we are ready for the next challenge going into the next few games.

“We are hoping to really push ourselves to start showing the performances that we know we are capable of as a group.”

We have won the last couple of games but are there still things that you are looking to improve within the squad?

“Yes, we are always looking to improve. No team is the complete article and we know that we need to continue working hard to develop.

“There are definitely things that we need to grow, such as developing relationships between players.

“The team has been really open to the information provided to them by the coaching staff and they have been really great to work with.”