London Bees is proud to be supporting The Green Football Weekend. This Sunday’s game against Plymouth Argyle is our dedicated fixture to the campaign.


The campaign which runs between 3rd-5th February aims to highlight the impact that supporters can have by reducing their carbon footprint.


Green Football Weekend encourages fans to take part in the campaign’s Green Football Cup, which uses football themed challenges to encourage sustainable behaviour in school, at work, and at home.


Supporters can represent The Bees and score ‘goals’ for the Club by completing any of over 60 green activities, including making a meat-free family meal, taking a shorter shower, walking to work or the new Layer Up Challenge!


The campaign aligns with London Bees’ own ambitions to reduce our carbon footprint and be a greener Football Club. The Hive London has a ‘green energy only’ policy in place, with all of our site being powered by our own solar panels renewable energy.


The Club has also committed to recycling and promotes a cycle to work scheme for staff to encourage them to lower their own carbon footprint.

Over the last twelve months, all lighting on the site has been upgraded to the latest LED technology. The Stadium floodlights are also due to be upgraded to LED before the next winter cycle for the start of the 2023/24 season.